Films released in 1936

Along Came Love 2 Stars
Amateur Gentleman 3 Stars
Amazing Adventure 3 Stars
August Weekend 2 Stars
Behind The Mask 1 Star
Bohemian Girl 2 Stars
Born To Dance 3 Stars
Brides Are Like That 2 Stars
Brilliant Marriage 3 Stars
Bulldog Edition 3 Stars
Camille 4 Stars
Captain Calamity 2 Stars
Cowboy And The Kid 1 Star
Craig's Wife 4 Stars
Dancing Feet 3 Stars
Dark Hour 2 Stars
Desire 3 Stars
Dodsworth 3 Stars
Doughnuts and Society 3 Stars
Down To The Sea 2 Stars
Earthworm Tractors 1 Star
Face In The Fog 1 Star
Flash Gordon
Florida Special 3 Stars
Follow The Fleet 3 Stars
Gambling With Souls 2 Stars
Caryl of the Mountains 1 Star
Ghost Patrol 2 Stars
Girl's Dormitory 2 Stars
Give Me Your Heart 3 Stars
Go Get Em Haines 3 Stars
Go West Young Man 3 Stars
Gold Diggers Of 1937 3 Stars
Great Guy 3 Stars
Hats Off 2 Stars
Hearts In Bondage 2 Stars
House Of Secrets 2 Stars
I'll Name the Murderer 2 Stars
Invisible Ray 3 Stars
It Couldn't Have Happened 2 Stars
It's Love Again 3 Stars
Juggernaut 2 Stars
Klondike Annie 3 Stars
Garden Of Allah 3 Stars
Ladies In Love 3 Stars
Love Before Breakfast 3 Stars
Love On A Bet 3 Stars
Make A Million 2 Stars
Man In The Mirror 3 Stars
Man Who Changed His Mind 2 Stars
Man Who Could Work Miracles 3 Stars
Mandarin Mystery 3 Stars
Mary Of Scotland 3 Stars
Milky Way 3 Stars
Mill On The Floss 3 Stars
Mr Deeds Goes To Town 4 Stars
Murder At Glen Athol 3 Stars
Murder By An Aristocrat 1 Star
Murder In The Red Barn 3 Stars
Murder With Pictures 3 Stars
My Man Godfrey 4 Stars
One Rainy Afternoon 2 Stars
Petrified Forest 4 Stars
Pilot X 1 Star
Plot Thickens 2 Stars
Private Number 3 Stars
Reckless Way 2 Stars
Red Lights Ahead 1 Star
Revolt Of The Zombies 1 Star
Rogues Tavern 3 Stars
Sabotage 4 Stars
Secret Agent 3 Stars
Secret of Stamboul 3 Stars
Seven Sinners 3 Stars
Shadow Of Chinatown 2 Stars
Sitting On The Moon 2 Stars
Speed Reporter 1 Star
Stowaway 2 Stars
Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 3 Stars
Swing Time 4 Stars
Taming The Wild 1 Star
Tango 3 Stars
Tarzan Escapes 2 Stars
Thank You, Jeeves! 2 Stars
Theodora Goes Wild 3 Stars
These Three 3 Stars
Things To Come 3 Stars
Ticket To Paradise 2 Stars
To Mary With Love 2 Stars
Trapped By Television 3 Stars
Tudor Rose 2 Stars
When Knights Were Bold 2 Stars
Wife vs Secretary 4 Stars
Wolves Of The Sea 1 Star
Oscars 1936
Best Picture - Winner
The Great Ziegfeld
Best Picture - Nomination
Anthony Adverse
Libeled lady
Mr Deeds Goes To Town
Romeo And Juliet
San Francisco
Story Of Louis Pasteur
A Tale Of Two Cities
Three Smart Girls

Best Actor - Winner
Paul Muni - The Story Of Louis Pasteur
Best Actor - Nomination
Gary Cooper - Mr Deeds Goes To Town
Walter Huston - Dodsworth
William Powell - My Man Godfrey
Spencer Tracy - San Francisco
Best Actress - Winner
Luise Rainer - The Great Ziegfeld
Best Actress - Nomination
Gladys George - Valiant Is The Word For Carrie
Carole Lombard - My Man Godfrey
Irene Dunne - Theodora Goes Wild
Norma Shearer - Romeo And Juliet