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Title: The Man Who Could Work Miracles

Date: 1936
Type: Drama / Fantasy
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Lothar Mendes
Producer: Alexander Korda

A man suddenly finds that anything he says can actually happen. He starts off by doing a few parlour trick but then devleops bigger ideas of changing the world. This is a film version of what happens when a man is given god like powers over other people and things.


Roland YoungRoland Young
Ralph RichardsonRalph Richardson
Edward Chapman
Ernest ThesigerErnest Thesiger
Joan GardnerJoan Gardner
Sophie Stewart
Robert Cochran
Lady Tree
Lawrence Nanray
George ZuccoGeorge Zucco
Wally Lupino
Joan HicksonJoan Hickson
Wally Patch
George SandersGeorge Sanders
Ivan Brandt
Torin ThatcherTorin Thatcher



H G Wells