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Name : Mary Pickford

Birth : 8 April 1892
Died : 29 May 1979
Nationality: Canada
Mary Pickford

Mary Pickford was one of the big stars of silent films. She started her career on stage before moving into films. She was one of the founders of United Artists and also one of three original founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. She was known as America's sweetheart and the Girl with the curls. In a number of her films she played teenage girls, which was helped by the fact that she was only 5 feet tall. She was married three times, the first time to Owen Moore, then to Douglas Fairbanks . Like many silent stars though, she did not make a successful transition into talkies, although she did appear in several sound films. She retired from acting in 1933.
Kiki (1931) - Sound
The Taming Of The Shrew (1929) - Sound
Sparrows (1926)
Tess Of The Storm Country (1922)
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1921)
Pollyanna (1920)
Daddy Long Legs (1919)
The Pride Of The Clan (1917)
The Poor Little Rich Girl (1917)
A Romance of The Redwoods (1917)
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1917)
The Little American (1917)
Madame Butterfly (1915)
Cinderella (1914)
The Female Of The Species (1912)
A Beast At Bay (1912)
Mender Of The Nets (1912)
The Narrow Road (1912)
The New York Hat (1912)
Friends (1912)
Sweet Memories (1911)
An Arcadian Maid (1910)
Ramona (1910)
Wilful Peggy (1910)
As It Is In Life (1910)
The Usurer (1910)
The Unchanging Sea (1910)
The Country Doctor (1909)
The Lonely Villa (1909)
Pippa Passes (1909)
The Sealed Room (1909)

Mary PickfordMary PickfordMary Pickford