Films released in 2014

Age Of Ice 0 Stras
Age Of Tomorrow 0 Stars
Along Came A Nanny 1 Star
Angels and Ornaments 2 Stars
Another Christmas Kiss 2 Stars
Apocalypse Pompeii 1 Star
Asteroid vs Earth 1 Star
Babadook 4 Stars
Belle For Christmas 2 Stars
Back To Christmas 2 Stars
Beauty And The Beast 3 Stars
Bermuda Tentacles 1 Star
Best Christmas Party Ever 2 Stars
Blended 3 Stars
Burying The Ex 3 Stars
Calling 2 Stars
Captain America: The Winter Soldier 3 Stars
Chef (2014)
Christmas At Cartwright's 2 Stars
Christmas Dragon 1 Star
Christmas Icetastrophe 1 Stars
Christmas In Palm Springs 2 Stars
Christmas Mix 2 Stars
Christmas Parade 2 Stars
Christmas Shepherd 1 Star
Christmas Under Wraps 2 Stars
Coffee Shop 2 Stars
Color Of Rain 2 Stars
Cookie Cutter Christmas 1 Star
Cookie Mobster 1 Star
Crawl Or Die 0 Stars
Dinosaur Island 1 Star
Divergent 3 Stars
Dog Who Saved Easter 2 Stars
Effie Gray 3 Stars
Falling 2 Stars
Far From Home 2 Stars
Fault In Our Stars 4 Stars
Firequake 1 Star
Flowers In The Attic 2 Stars
Flowers In The Attic 2 Petals In The Wind 1 Star
Garage Sale Mystery: All That Glitters 2 Stars
Ghost of Goodnight Lane 1 Star
Girl He Met Online 2 Stars
Girl House 3 Stars
Gone Girl 4 Stars
Good Mistress 2 Stars
Good Witch's Wonder 3 Stars
Grand Budapest Hotel 4 Stars
Guardians Of The Galaxy 4 Stars
Haunting of Radcliffe House 1 Star
Heavenly Match 2 Stars
Hercules 3 Stars
I, Frankenstein 3 Stars
Imitation Game 4 Stars
In My Dreams 1 Star
Into The Woods
Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm 2 Stars
Interstellar 3 Stars
Killer Mermaid 0 Stars
Kingsman: The Secret Service 4 Stars
LA Apocalypse 2 Stars
The LEGO Movie 2 Stars
Little Chaos 3 Stars
Looking For Mr Right 2 Stars
Love By Design 2 Stars
Love By The Book 2 Stars
Lucky In Love 1 Star
Lucy 3 Stars
Madame Bovary 3 Stars
Maleficent 4 Stars
Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark 2 Stars
Merry Ex-Mas 2 Stars
Michaels 2 Stars
Midnight Masquerade 2 Stars
Mom And Dad Undergrads 2 Stars
Mom's Away Day 2 Stars
Mr Miracle 1 Star
My Gal Sunday 1 Star
My Old Lady 3 Stars
Mythica: A Quest For Heroes 3 Stars
Nine Lives Of Christmas 2 Stars
Noah 2 Stars
Northpole 2 Stars
One Starry Christmas 2 Stars
Other Woman 3 Stars
Out Of The Dark 3 Stars
Paddington 4 Stars
Paranormal Island 1 Star
Perfect Christmas List 2 Stars
Perfect On Paper 1 Star
PopFan 1 Star
Recipe For Love 2 Stars
Rescuing Madison 2 Stars
Rewrite 3 Stars
Ring By Spring 2 Stars
Road 3 Stars
Rocky Road 2 Stars
Royal Christmas 2 Stars
Scarehouse 1 Star
Serena 2 Stars
Sleeping Beauty 2 Stars
Space Station 76 3 Stars
Starry Eyes 3 Stars
Sweet Surrender 2 Stars
Take Care 2 Stars
Theory Of Everything 4 Stars
They Came Together 2 Stars
Touched 2 Stars
Town That Came A-Courtin 3 Stars
Tree That Saved Christmas 2 Stars
Viking Quest 2 Stars
Wedding Planner Mystery 2 Stars
What We Did On Our Holiday 4 Stars
What We Do In The Shadows 3 Stars
When Sparks Fly 2 Stars
White Settlers 1 Star
Woman In Black: Angel Of Death 2 Stars
Oscars 2014
Best Picture - Winner
Best Picture - Nomination
American Sniper
The Imitation Game
The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Theory Of Everything
Best Actor - Winner
Eddie Redmayne - The Theory Of Everything
Best Actor - Nomination
Steve Carell Foxcatcher
Benedict Cumberbatch The Imitation Game
Bradley Cooper American Sniper
Michael Keaton Birdman

Best Actress - Winner
Julianne Moore Still Alice
Best Actress - Nomination
Marion Cotillard Two Days, One Night
Felicity Jones The Theory Of Everything
Rosamund Pike Gone Girl
Reese Witherspoon Wild