Films released in 1973

And Now The Screaming Starts 2 Stars
Ash Wednesday 1 Star
Badlands 4 Stars
Bell From Hell 2 Stars
Candle For The Devil 3 Stars
Carry On Girls 2 Stars
Count Dracula's Great Love 2 STars
Crypt Of The Living Dead 3 Stars
Day Of The Jackal 4 Stars
Devil's Daughter 2 Stars
Doll's House 3 Stars
Don't Look In The Basement 2 Stars
Don't Look Now 4 Stars
Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde 2 Stars
Exorcist 4 Stars
Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell 2 Stars
Golden Voyage Of Sinbad 3 Stars
Hanging Woman 3 Stars
Invasion of the Bee Girls 1 Star
Last Of Sheila 3 Stars
Lisa The Devil 3 Stars
Live And Let Die 3 Stars
Lovers 2 Stars
Mackintosh Man 3 Stars
Mansion Of Madness 1 Star
Penny Gold 2 Stars
Stateline Motel 2 Stars
Sting 4 Stars
Tales That Witness Madness 2 Stars
Theatre Of Blood 3 Stars
Three Musketeers 3 Stars
Torso 2 Stars
Touch Of Class 3 Stars
Train Robbers 2 Stars
Twins Of Evil 3 Stars
Vault Of Horror 2 Stars
Westworld 4 Stars
Wicker Man
3 Stars
Oscars 1973
Best Picture - Winner
The Sting
Best Picture - Nomination
American Graffiti
Cries And Whispers
The Exorcist
Touch Of Class
Best Actor - Winner
Jack Lemmon - Save The Tiger
Best Actor - Nomination
Marlon Brando - Last Tango In Paris
Jack Nicholson - Last Detail
Al Pacino - Serpico
Robert Redford - The Sting
Best Actress - Winner
Glenda Jackson - A Touch Of Class
Best Actress - Nomination
Ellen Burstyn - The Exorcist
Marsha Mason - Cinderella Liberty
Barbra Streisland - Way We Were
Joanne Woodward - Summer Wishes Winter Dreams