Films released in 1966

Agony And The Ecstacy 4 Stars
Alfie 4 Stars
An Angel For Satan 3 STars
Any Wednesday 3 Stars
Arabesque 3 Stars
Around The World Under The Sea 2 Stars
Batman The Movie 3 Stars
Carry On Cowboy 3 Stars
Carry On Screaming 4 Stars
Circus Of Fear 3 Stars
Destination Inner Space 2 Stars
Dimension 5 2 Stars
Django 3 Stars
Dracula Prince Of Darkness 4 Stars
El Dorado 4 Stars
Evil Brain From Outer Space 0 Stars
Fantastic Voyage 3 Stars
Farenheit 451 4 Stars
Fat Spy 1 Star
Gammera The Invincible 2 Stars
Glass Bottom Boat 3 Stars
Grand Prix 4 Stars
Great St Tinian's Train Robbery 3 Stars
Hotel Paradiso 3 Stars
Invasion 3 Stars
Island Of Terror 2 Stars
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter 2 Stars
Johnny Reno 3 Stars
Kill, Baby....Kill! 2 Stars
One Million Years BC 2 Stars
One Of Our Spies Is Missing 3 Stars
Our Man Flint 2 Stars
Penelope 3 Stars
Plague Of Zombies 3 Stars
Press For Time 2 Stars
Queen Of Blood 2 Stars
Rasputin The Mad Monk 2 Stars
Reptile 3 Stars
She Beast 1 Star
Silencers 3 Stars
Special Mission Lady Chaplin 3 Stars
Star Pilot 1 Star
Tarzan And The Valley Of Gold 3 Stars
Ten Little Indians 3 Stars
That Riviera Touch 2 Stars
Thunderbirds Are Go 2 STars
Trap 3 Stars
Triple Cross 3 Stars
Walk Don't Run 3 Stars
War Between The Planets 2 Stars
Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf 5 Stars
Who Killed The Cat 3 Stars
Wild World of Batwoman 0 Stars
Witches 3 Stars
Wrong Box 3 STars
Zontar: The Thing From Venus 2 Stars
Oscars 1966
Best Picture - Winner
A Man For All Seasons
Best Picture - Nomination
The Russians Are Coming
The Sand Pebbles
Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf
Best Actor - Winner
Paul Scofield - A Man For All Seasons
Best Actor - Nomination
Alan Arkin - The Russians Are Coming
Richard Burton - Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf
Michael Caine - Alfie
Steve McQueen - The Sand Pebbles
Best Actress - Winner
Elizabeth Taylor - Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf
Best Actress - Nomination
Anouk Aimee - A Man And A Woman
Ida Kaminska - Shop On Main STreet
Lynn Regrave - Gregory Girl
Vanessa Redgrave - Morgan