Films released in 1915

Alice In Wonderland 3 Stars
Ambros's Lofty Perch 1 Star
Carmen 3 Stars
Children Of Eve 3 Stars
Dinosaur and the Missing Link 4 Stars
Fatty and Mabel's Simple Life 2 Stars
Fatty's Tintype Tangle 3 Stars
A Fool There Was 3 Stars
Hash House Fraud 3 Stars
Hazards Of Helen - The Escape On The Fast Freight 2 Stars
Hazards Of Helen - The Leap From The Water Tower 2 Stars
Hazards Of Helen - The Wild Engine 2 Stars
His New Job 2 Stars
Knight Of The Trail 2 Stars
Love, Loot and Crash 2 Stars
Lover's Lost Control 2 Stars
Mabel And Fatty's Wash Day 3 Stars
Mabel, Fatty And The Law 3 Stars
Madame Butterfly 3 Stars
Miss Fatty's Seaside Lovers 2 Stars
Those Bitter Sweets 3 Stars
Tramp 3 Stars
Trilby 2 Stars
Versatile Villan 3 Stars
Willful Ambrose 2 Stars
Wrong Train Order 2 Stars