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Title:Male And Female

Date: 1919
Type: Drama
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Black and White / Silent
Director: Cecil B DeMille
Producer: Cecil B DeMille

An aristocratic English family, together with their butler (Thomas Meighan) and maid (Lila Lee) are shipwrecked on a tropical island. The accepted social order is overturned as it is only the butler who has the skills to enable them to survive. Gloria Swanson is the spoiled daughter who during their time on the island develops feelings for the butler. But can relationships on isolated island survive back in London society? This is a good version of J M Barrie's critique of the class system, that is well produced by Cecil B DeMille which includes a dream sequence in Babylon, that includes an early cameo from Bebe Daniels. GIven that the film was made in 1919, it is still impressive. The story was remade later as a comedy, The Admirable Crichton.


Thomas Meighan
Theodore RobertsTheodore Roberts
Raymond Hatton
Robert Cain
Gloria SwansonGloria Swanson
Lila LeeLila Lee
Mildread Reardon
Bebe DanielsBebe Daniels
Julia Faye



The Admirable Crichton by J M Barrie