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Title: Stage Struck

Date: 1925
Type: Comedy / Romance
Rating: 4/5
Colour: Black and white (some colour) / Silent
Director: Allan Dwan

A waitress (Gloria Swanson) who dreams of being an actress is in love with the pancake flipper (Lawernce Gray) in the restaurant who is more interested in actresses than her. So she takes an acting correspondence course and fights her rival (Gertrude Astor) an actress in a trouring troupe. Gloria Swanson gives a wonderful comic performance that is a mixture of physical comedy and facial expressions and the woman in love wo keeps being put down and falling over. The opening and closing scenes are filmed in colour.


Gloria SwansonGloria Swanson
Lawrence Gray
Gertrude AstorGertrude Astor
Oliver Sandys
Ford SterlingFord Sterling
Carrie Scott
Emol Hoch
Margery Whittington



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