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Title: King Solomon's Mines

Date: 1950
Type: Action
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Compton Bennett
Producer: Sam Zimbalist

Deborah Kerr's husband went missing on an expedition into the interior of Africa to find the fabled diamond mine of King Solomon and so she enlists Stewart Granger to take her on an expedition to find him. Deborah Kerr gives a good performance as the prim English lady learning about Africa. The star of the film is the backdrop of the African savannah and the animals that live there filmed in Technicolour. The film evokes the lost image of colonial Africa from the Rider Haggard novel.


Stewart GrangerStewart Granger
Deborah KerrDeborah Kerr
Richard CarlsonRichard Carlson


Won - Cinematography
Nomination - Best Film

Ryder Haggard
King Solomon's Mines