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Title:Deja Vu

Date: 2006
Type: Thriller / Sci-Fi
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Tony Scott
Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer

A New Orleans ferry is blown up and Denzel Washington starts to investigate and the related death of a young woman (Paula Patton). He is seconded to a special FBI team that can look back into the past 4 days and six hours. Whilst trying to solve the crime Denzel Washington decides the only way is for him to actually go back in time. Jerry bruckheimer has delivered a well produced film that is more of a thriller than a time travelling sci-fi film. Denzel Washington gives a good performance and is well supported by the rest of the cast including Paula Patton.


Denzel Washington
Paula PattonPaula Patton
Val KilmerVal Kilmer
James CaviezelJim Caviezel
Bruce Greenwood
Adam Goldberg
Matt Craven
Elder Henson


Deja Vu