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Title:Wedding Rehearsal

Date: 1932
Type: Drama / Romance
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Alexander Korda

An aristocrat (Roland Young) is happy with his batchelor lifestyle, but in order to inherit his family fortune he has to marry. His grandmother (Kate Cutler) has come up with a list of suitable ladies.To try and avoid getting married he tries to find husbands for the women. This includes a pair of twins (Wendy Barrie and Joan Gardner) who are engaged to commoners against their families (John Loder and maurice Evans) wishes. After a series of ups and down and misadventures love wins out. This British film is a mix of romance, comedy and social manners of the uppper classes of the 1930's. It is notable for having early performances froma number of actor who went on to have careers in Hollywood (Merle Oberon, Wendy barrie and Joan Gardner).


Roland YoungRoland Young
George Grossmith
John LoderJohn Loder
Wendy BarrieWendy Barrie
Joan GardnerJoan Gardner
Merle OberonMerle Oberon
Lady Tree
Kate Cutler
Maurice Evans
Morton Selten
Edmund Breon
Lawrence Hanray
Diana Napier
Rodolfo Mele