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Title: Sylvia Scarlett

Date: 1935
Type: Drama / Comedy
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: George Cukor

Katherine Hepburn and her father leave America for England to escape his creditors. She poses as a boy and on the boat they meet con-artist Cary Grant. They team up to make a travelling show. Along the way they meet artist Brian Aherne and amist the complex of relationships, she revelas her true identity and love for him. This is unusual to have a woman dressing as a man in this period, but apart from that this is another wise average film, with a very strange accent from Cary Grant, though Katherine Hepburn gives a good performance in both her male and female roles. This was a critical and financial failure.


Cary GrantCary Grant
Katherine HepburnKatherine Hepburn
Brian AherneBrian Aherne




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Sylvia Scarlett