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Title:Sin Takes A Holiday

Date: 1930
Type: Drama / Romance
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Paul L Stein
Producer: E B Derr

A single man (Kenneth MacKenna) is having an affair with a married woman (Rita La Roy) and so marries his secretary (Constance Bennett) to avoid marrying the other woman. His wife goes to Paris when she meets her husbands friend (Basil Rathbone). She turns from dowdy secretary to beautiful woman and starts an affair with her husbands friend. They return to New York where they try and untangle the love quartet. This is a curious film in that it reflects the strange moral view of marriage and divorce in that period. The production is also flat and needs more energy and passion from the performers.


COnstance BennettConstance Bennett
Kenneth MacKennaKenneth MacKenna
Basil RathboneBasil Rathbone
Rita La RoyRita La Roy
Zasu PittsZasu Pitts



Sin Takes A Holiday