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Title:The Long Ships

Date: 1964
Type: Action / Adventure
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Jack Cardiff
Producer: Irving Allen

A Viking warrior (Richard Widmark) and a Moorish prince (Sidney Poitier) are both in search of fabled golden bell. The plot is nothing special, but it is an entertaing action adventure, typical of the 1960's with good performances from Richardwidmark as the adventurous Viking and Sidney Poitier as the more regal and refined prince.


Richard Widmark
Sidney PoitierSidney Poitier
Russ Tamblyn
Rosanna SchiaffinoRosanna Schiaffino
Oskar Homolka
Edward Judd
Lionel JeffriesLionel Jeffries
Beba Loncar
Gordon JacksonGordon Jackson
Colin Blakely



The Long Ships