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Name : Richard Widmark
Birth : 26 December 1914
Died : 24 March 2008
Nationality: American
Richard Widmark
Richard Widmark started his career in radio before making his name in the film with Kiss Of Death, for which he was nominated for an Oscar. He played various killers and cowboy roles through the 1960's and 70's.
Bear Island (1979)
Swarm (1978)
To The Devil A Daughter (1976)
Murder On The Orient Express (1974)
Way West (1967)
Cheyenne Autumn (1964)
The Long Ships (1964)
How The West Was Won (1962)
Bedford Incident (1965)
Judgement At Nuremberg (1961)
Last Wagon (1956)
Broken Lance (1954)
Destination Gobi (1953)
Don't Bother To Knock (1952)
Yellow Sky (1948)
Kiss Of Death (1947)

Nomination - Best Supporting Actor - Kiss Of  Death (1947)
Richard Widmark