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Title:Grand Hotel

Date: 1932
Type: Drama
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Edmund Goulding

The visitors to Berlin hotel have their lives and relationships exposed and intertwined in this film of a series of chance related stories. This is a good and early example of an ensemble cast of unrelated people having their lives interact. What makes this film stand out is the quality of the qwriting of the characters and the dialogue coupled with good performances from a quality cast. Greta Garbo was MGM's to star at the time and takes top blling as the disolushied star ballet dancer finding love, whilst Joan Crawford gives a great performance as the lowly stenographer. They are well supported by the rest of the cast who give good character performances.


Greta GarboGreta Garbo
John BarrymoreJohn Barrymore
Joan CrawfordJoan Crawford
Wallace Beery
Lionel BarrymoreLionel Barrymore
Lewis Stone
Jean Hersholt


Won - Best Picture

Grand Hotel