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Name : Harold Lloyd

Birth : 20 April 1983
Died : 8 March 1971
Nationality: American
Harold Lloyd

Harold Lloyd was a comic, actor, director, producer and stunt performer during the silent film era. He was one of the most influencial comedians of the silent era alongside Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. He was known for character with spectacles and for doing his own stunts, especially the most famous one of him hanging from a clock on the top of a building in Safety Last. He was married to Mildred Davis who he appeared with in several films. During a publicity stunt in 1920 a prop bomb went off in his hand. He lost two fingers and afterwards wore a prosthetic glove on his hand to cover this up. He started his career working with Hal Roach before moving to work with Mac Sennett. He then moves back to work with Harold Roach and then they develop the characters with glasses. With Grandma's Boy he became one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. In 1923 he made Safety Last and one of the most famous scenes of him hangin off a clock up a skyscraper. After this he split with Hal Roach and created his only film company. He then retired from films as a wealthy man.
The Sin Of Harold Diddlebrock (1947) - Sound
Professor Beware (1937) - Sound
The Milky Way (1936) - Sound
The Cat's Paw (1934) - Sound
Movie Crazy (1932) - Sound
Feet FIrst (1930) - Sound
Speedy (1928)
For Heaven's Sake (1926)
The Freshman (1925)
Hot Water (1924)
Girl Shy (1924)
Safety Last (1923)
Why Worry? (1923)
Dr Jack (1922)
Grandma's Boy (1922)
Among Those Present (1921)
Now Or Never (1921)
Get Out And Get Under (1920)
Haunted Spooks (1920)
An Eastern Westerner (1920)
The Marathon (1919)
From Hand To Mouth (1919)
Next Aisle Over (1919)
Ring Up The Curtain (1919)
The Chef (1919)
Bumping Into Broadway (1919)
A Sammy In Siberia (1919)
Ask Father (1919)
Move On (1917)
Miss Fatty's Seaside Lovers (1915)

Harold LloydHarold LloydHarold Lloyd