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Title: We Were Dancing

Date: 1942
Type: Drama / Comedy / Romance
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Robert Z Leonard

A European aristocrat (Melvyn Douglas) who lives by gambling and staying with rich families meets, falls in love at first site and marries another European aristocrat (Norma Shearer). The live by staying with rich people until they are broke and he has an affair. The first half is lightweight farce but the second half is much weaker, when Melvyn Douglas is not convincing being too smarmy to be believable and ends up being unpleasant rather than charming and an inveterate liar.


Norma ShearerNorma Shearer
melvyn DOuglasMelvyn Douglas
Gail patrickGail Patrick
Lee Bowman
Marjorie mainMarjorie Main
Reginald OwenReginald Owen
Alan MowbrayAlan Mowbray
FlorenceFlorence Bates
Heather ThatcherHeather Thatcher
Connie Gilchrist
Nella Walker



Noel Coward