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Title:Venus In Fur

Date: 2013
Type: Drama
Rating: 4 stars 4/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Roman Polanski

A woman arrives late for an audition and is not on the list. She persuades the director to read some lines with her. As they get into the play they move between the play and themselves in a seamless way. A times it is hard to know when they are in or out of character. The nature of both characters is deliberately ambiguous as the film explores the nature of relationship between men and women and how sex and power in their different forms affect that relationship. The whole film is set within a theatre, so basically one set, but there is a very creative use of lighting and camera work that makes it feel bigger. The dialogue is sharp and it still comes through in the English subtitles from the original French script. There are only two characters in the films and the character of Emmanuelle Seiger begins to dominate as the film progresses. The is is a great film from director Roman Polanski, even if he did use his wife as the female lead.


Emmanuelle SeigerEmmanuelle Seiger
Mathieu Amalric



Venus In Fur