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Title:True Heart Suzie

Date: 1919
Type: Drama
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: D W Griffith
Producer: D W Griffith

A young woman (Lillian Gish) is secretly in love with a young man (Robert Harron) who she helps through college as an unknown benefactor. She stays the plain country girl but he becomes more sophisticaated and falls for a woman with makeup and tight dresses (Clarine Seymour). However she holds onto her love and wins him in the end. The plot is not great and the film needed tighter editing as some of the scenes are over long, but it is still worth watching for Lillian Gish.


Lillian GishLillian Gish
Robert HarronRobert Harron
Clarine SeymourClarine Seymour
Carol DempsterCarol Dempster
Wilbur Higby
Loyola O'Connor
George Fawcett
Kate BruceKate Bruce
Raymond Cannon



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