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Title:Tarzan Triumphs

Date: 1943
Type: Adventure
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Yes
Director: William Thiele
Producer: Sol Lesser

In the middle of World War 2 the Nazi's arrive in the jungle. They are looking for a lost city and try and enslave the inhabitants, but the princess (Frances Gifford) enlists Tarzan's (Johnny Weissmuller) help to save them and get rid of the Germans. This is more a piece of propaganda than the usual Tarzan film and was the first made by RKO and does not have the Jane character as Maureen O'Sullivan stooped after the last Tarzan film made by MGM.


Johnny WeissmullerJohnny Weissmuller
Johnny SheffieldJohnny Sheffield
Frances GiffordFrances Gifford



Tarzan Triumphs