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Title:The Stars Look Down

Date: 1940
Type: Drama
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Carol Reed
Producer: I Goldsmith

Michael Redgrave comes from a mining village in northern England and want to leave so that he can get an education and then fight for better conditions for the miners. He gets a university scholarship and whilst there he falls for the scheming and aspirational Margaret Lockwood who dumps her current boyfriend (Emlyn Williams) for him. She persuades him to marry her, give up his studies and get a teaching job back in his home town. Meanwhile the miners are in dispute with the owners about cutting into a seam as they think it will cause the mine to flood. Michael Redgrave tries to fight for the miners but is undermined by the schemes of his old friend Emlyn Williams and Margaret Lockwood as she thinks her old boyfriend is a better for her social career than her husband. The combination leads to the inevitable tragic consequences. This is a good film fron director Carol Reed that examines the plight of the working class in the 1930's and the effects of greed on other people's lives.


Michael RedgraveMichael Redgrave
Margaret LockwoodMargaret Lockwood
Emlyn Williams