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Title:Shock Corridor

Date: 1963
Type: Drama
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Samuel Fuller
Producer: Samuel Fuller

A jouurnalist who wants to win the Puliter Prize decides to investigate a murder in a psychiactric institution, but getting himself admitted as a patient with the help of a psychiatrist and against the better judgement of his girl friend. The plot is incidental to the film. What makes the film is the performances of the various characters. Peter Breck as the man trying to keep his sanity as he gets pulled into the world of the patients. Constance Towers is good as the woman seeing her boyfriend fall apart. It is however the performance of Hari Rhodes as the coloured person being the white white supremacist.


Peter Breck
Constance Towers
Gene Evans
James Best James Best
Hari Rhodes
Larry Tucker
John Matthews