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Title:Seven Days To Noon

Date: 1950
Type: Thriller
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: John and Roy Boulting
Producer: John and Roy Boulting

A scientist (Barrie Jones) steals a small atomic bomb and threatens to blow up London if the government does not agree to stop research into these bombs. This is a good British thriller from the 1950's that effectively builds the tension with a good plot and characters, not least Olive Sloane and Sheila Manaham as the distraught daughter. Although this film taps into the cold war fears of the atomic age of the 1950's, it still has a resonance today in the light of 21st century proliferation and terrorism. It also gives an insight into life in post-war Britian.


Barry Jones
Olive Sloane
Andre MorellAndre Morell
Sheila Manahan
Hugh Cross
Joan HicksonJoan Hickson
Ronald Adam


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