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Title: Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Date: 1981
Type: Action
Rating: 5 Stars 5/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Steven Spielburg
Producer: George Lucas

Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones, the academic archeologicst who goes looking for the lost Ark of the Covenant in the early 1940's, whilst being chased by Nazi Germans also looking for the Ark. This is the film that made archaeology exciting and set a whole new standard for action adventure films. It is exciting, fun and very well produced by the combination of Steven Spielberg and Goerge Lucas in their first collaboration.


Harrison FordHarrison Ford
Karen AllenKaren Allen
Denholm ElliottDenholm Elliott
John Rhys-DaviesJohn Rhys-Davies
Paul Freeman
Ronald Lacey
Alfred MolinaAlfred Molina


Nomination Best Picture

John Williams


Philip Kaufman
Raiders Of The Lost Ark