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Date: 1932
Type: Drama
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Richard Thorpe

A socialite young woman (Sally Blane) is engaged to a man she knows is having affairs. One of the women is a 17 year old (Betty Grable), but her brother discovers their affair and beats him up. He is brought before a judge whose nice is the socialite and the judge paroles him into her care as her chauffeur so she can learn what hardship is. The plot is nonsense and is partly an attempt to expose the shallowness of 1930's uppper class society. There is a good central performance from Sally Blane as the spoiled, selfish rich girl, and a small role for a young betty Grable as the young woman.


Sally BlaneSally Blane
John Darrow
J Farrell MacDonaldJ Farrell MacDonald
Clara Kiball YoungClara Kimball Young
Eddie Phillips
David Rollins
Matty Kemp
David Durand
Betty GrableBetty Grable