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Title: Not Of This World

Date: 1957
Type: Sci-Fi / Horror
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Roger Corman
Producer: Roger Corman

An alien (Paul Birch) is teleported from another planet to earth to find blood to send back to his home planet to save his race. The problem is he has to kill his human victims to get the blood and using his mind powers he enlists the help of a nurse (Beverly Garland) and a doctor (William Roerick). This is a good Roger Corman Sci-Fi film that is well produced on a typically cheap budget. There is a good performance from Paul Birch as the superior alien who knows little about earth and Beverly Garland as the nurse who suspects her patient is not all he seems to be. This an early example of the comedy horror genre of films.


Paul BirchPaul Birch
Beverly GarlandBeverly Garland
Morgan Jones
William Roerick
Richard Miller
Pat Flynn
Jonathan Haze
Anne Carroll
Barbara Bohrer
Roy Engel
Harold Fong
Gail Ganley
Tamar Cooper
Lyle Latell
Ralph Reed



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