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Title: Minority Report

Date: 2002
Type: Sci-Fi
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Steven Spielburg
Producer: Jan de Bont

Fifty years into the future, three genetic mutants have the ability to see murders before they happen. The police can read their minds into computers to work how who will kill who and then arrest them before they commit the murder. Then Tom Cruise's name comes up as a potential murderer and he goes on the run to prove his innocence and the flaws in the system. Some interesting visuals (especially the cars) and it does address the morality of the process.


Tom CruiseTom Cruise
ax von SydowMax Von Sydow
Samantha MortonSamantha Morton
Kathryn MorrisKathryn Morris



John Williams

Philip K Dick
Minority Report