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Title:Merrily We Live

Date: 1938
Type: Comedy
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Norman Z McLeod
Producer: Milton H Bren

The somewhat eccentric wife in a wealthy family has a habit of taking in vagrants. After a car accident a man turns up on their door, is taken in given the job as chauffeur and then ends up being introduced to their society friends. This is a great comedy of manners with some good characters and dialogue. There is Billie Burke as the eccentric mother, Constance Bennett as the dominant daughter whose initial animosity to Brian Aherne develops to love, Alan Mowbray as the long suffering butler, Bonita Granville as the sprightly innocent younger daughter, Patsy Kelly as the cook and Ann Dvorak as the society lady who is Constance Bennett's rival for Brian Aherne's affections.


Constance BennettConstance Bennett
Brian AherneBrian Aherne
Alan MowbrayAlan Mowbray
Billie BurkeBillie Burke
Patsy KellyPatsy Kelly
Ann DvorakAnn Dvorak
Bonita GranvilleBonita Granville
Tom Brown
Clarence KolbClarence Kolb
Marjorie RambeauMarjorie Rambeau
Philip Reed


Nomination - Best Supporting Actress - Billie Burke
4 Other Nominations

Merrily We Live