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Title:Mabel's Married Life

Date: 1914
Type: Comedy
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White / Silent / Short
Director: Mack Sennett

The wife (Mabel Normand) of a couple in the park is harassed by another man (Mack SWain) and instead of fighting for her he (Charles Chaplin) goes to the bar to get drunk. Meanwhile she buys a boxing dummy to get him to train, but as he is drunk he tries to have a fight with the dummy and throw him out of the house. The plot is typical of early Charlie Chaplin and his work with Mack Sennett, however the highlight of the film is the performance from Mabel Normand in her pyjamas fighting the dummy and then laughing at Chaplin having his drunken fight.


Charles ChaplinCharles Chaplin
Mabel NormandMabel Normand
Mack SwainMack Swain
Eva Nelson