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Title:Love In Paradise

Date: 2016
Type: Romance
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Sean McNamara

An actor (Luke Perry) who made his name in cowboy films, goes to a real ranch for a publicity shoot. Whilst it gets off to a bad start as he cannot ride a horse, he soon becomes attracted to the ranch lifestyle and the daughter (Emmanuel Vaugier) of the ranch owner. However his commercial manager (Ona Grauer) tries to take him back to the commercial world and a developer is trying to take over the ranch. This is a standard made for television romance with no surprises. Emmanuel Vaugier is bland as the love interest, though Ona Grauer is suitably catty as the agent.


Emmanuelle vaugierEmmanuelle Vaugier
Luke PerryLuke Perry
Ona GrauerOna Grauer
Frances FlanaganFrances Flanagan



Love In Paradise