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Title: Lady In A Cage

Date: 1964
Type: Thriller
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Walter Grauman

A wealthy woman gets trapped in a lift in her house when the power fails. She presses the alarm but it attracts a drunk who then brings in woman to help him steal the valuables in the house. Then three youngsters arrive with a desire to steal, terrorise and and commit violence and murder. This is a disturbing and in places unpleasant film, that shows people commiting violence for the sake of violence. In many its portrayal of this is years ahead of its time. There is a good central performance from Olivia de Haviland as the the trapped woman, well supported by Jeff Corey as the drunk and Ann Sothern as his friend. James Caan leads the group of youngsters including Jennifer Billingsley. .


Olivia de HavilandOlivia de Haviland
james CaanJames Caan
Jennifer Billingsley
Rafael Campos
William Swan
Jeff Corey
Ann Sothern



Lady In A Cage