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Title: Jurassic Park

Date: 1993
Type: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
Rating: 5 Stars 5/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Steven Spielburg

Dinosaurs are recreated from ancient DNA to create a prehistoric theme park on a remote island. However the dinosaurs (or at least very realistic computer generated ones) run amok in a theme park, when one of the workers sabotages the computer system. Lots of wonderful special effects, a good story line and suspense. Based on the book by Michael Crichton and interpreted by Steven Spielburg at his best. This was the first film to use physically textured CGI to create photo realistic animals.


Sam NeillSam Neil
Laura DernLaura Dern
Jeff GoldblumJeff Goldblum
Richard AttenboroughRichard Attenborough
Samuel L JacksonSamuel L Jackson


Won - Effects and sound

Michael Crichton
John Williams
Jurassic Park