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Title:The Jackpot

Date: 1950
Type: Comedy
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Walter Lang
Producer: Samuel G Engel

A department store executive wins a whole raft of prizes from a radio show. However their happiness is short lived as all the prizes start to arrive which disrupts their life. Things get worse when they realise that they will to sell the prizes in order to pay the tax. James Stewart and Barbara Hale are good as the couple trying to come to terms with their success. There are nice supporting roles from Patricia Medina as the portrait painter suspected of having an affair with James Stewart and Natalie Wood as the daughter.


James StewartJames Stewart
Barbara HaleBarbara Hale
James GleasonJames Gleason
Fred ClarkFred Clark
Alan MowbrayAlan Mowbray
Patricia Medina
Natalie WoodNatalie Wood
Tommy Rettig
Lyle TalbotLyle Talbot