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Title:Island In The Sun

Date: 1957
Type: Drama
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Robert Rossen
Producer: Darryl Zanuck

On a small island in the West Indies there is a clash between the charismatic black leader and one of the white plantation owners. The film explores a whole range of social and cultural issues, from the increasing political awareness of the majority but poor and oppressed black people to the affluent but remote minority white elite. The apparently perfect lives of the white elite are gradually exposed through, lies, lust, adultery,jealousy and murder. The story line unfolds the characters well and there are good performances from a strong cast (James Mason, Joan Fontaine, Dorothy Danbridge, Diana Wynyard, Joan Collins and Harry Belafonte) which are set against some beautifully filmed scenes of the West Indies. .


James MasonJames Mason
Joan FontaineJoan Fontaine
Dorothy DandridgeDorothy Dandridge
Joan CollinsJoan Collins
Harry Belafonte
Diana WynyardDiana Wynyard
John Williams
Patricia OwensPatricia Owens
Ronald SquireRonald Squire



Island In The Sun