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Title: Idiot's Delight

Date: 1939
Type: Drama
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Clarence Brown
Producer: Clarence Brown

After World War 1 an entertainer (Clark Gable) ends up being an assistant in a mind reading act and has a brief liaison with an acrobat (Norma Shearer). At the start of World War 2 he is running a female song and dance group and whilst in Europe they are held up in a boarder hotel as war is declared with a mixed group of people and a Russian woman remarkably like the acrobat. This is a curious mix of song/dance, romance and political comment. Clark Gable sings and dances (including a version of Putting On The Ritz) while Norma Shearer puts on a blonde wig and her performance and accent clearly sends up Greta Garbo. The script drags in places and it does show it origins as a play.


Norma ShearerNorma Shearer
Clark GableClark Gable
Edward ArnoldEdward Arnold
Charles CoburnCharles Coburn
Joseph Schildkraut
Burgess MeredithBurgess Meredith
Laura Hope CrewsLaura Hope Crews
Richard Gallagher
Peter Willes
Pat Paterson
Joan MarshJoan Marsh
Virginia GreyVirginia Grey
Virginia Dale
Paula StonePaula Stone
Bernadene HayesBernadene Hayes
Lorraine Krueger



  Idiot's Delight