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Title:Drums Of Africa

Date: 1963
Type: Adventure
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Yes
Director: James B Clark
Producer: Al Zimbalist

In the late 1800's in East Africa a railway engineer and the son of the owener are trying tto get to the railhead. They enlist the help of a guide and meet a woman who works in a medical centre. Along the way she is captured by slaves and the other have to rescue her. This is not a great films as the plot is thin and it is a mix of stock African footage and the actors clearly filmed on a set. This was mariette Hartley's econd film and she went on to do much better work as did Frankie Avaon.


Frankie AvalonFrankie Avalon
Lloyd Bocher
Torin ThatcherTorin Thatcher
Mariette HartleyMariette Hartley