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Title:Diary Of A Madman

Date: 1963
Type: Horror
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Reginald le Borg
Producer: Robert E Kent

A French magistrate (Vincent Price) visits a prisoner who claims that he only killed someone because he was taken over by strange being. The man dies and the magistrate becomes the new host to the being. He starts up a relationship with a married woman (Nancy Kovak), but the being is only interested in killing people. The plot is not great or very original and the middle section is slow and drawn out. Nancy Kovak is good as the gold digging towo timing woman and good support from Elaine Devry as the woman trying to bring justice to the victims. It also suffers from the low budget sets and effects.


Vincent PriceVincent Price
Nancy KovakNancy Kovak
Chris Warfield
Elaine Devry
Ian Wolfe
Lewis Martin
Mary Adams
Edward Colmans
Joseph Ruskin - voice



Diary Of A Madman