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Title: A Cock And Bull Story

Date: 2005
Type: Comedy
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Michael Winterbottom

A film crew are attempting to film an 18th century book on a small budget. The film cuts between what they are actually filming and the lives and interrelationships of the various people involved in making the film.The film is a very mixed bag, with some funny scenes and some strange scenes.


Steve CooganSteve Coogan
Rob Brydon
Keeley HawesKeeley Hawes
Shirley HendersonShirley Henderson
Kelly MacdonaldKelly Macdonald
Jeremy NorthamJeremy Northam
David WalliamsDavid Walliams
Naomie HarrisNaomie Harris
Gillian AndersonGillian Anderson
Stephen FryStephen Fry
Ronni Ancona
Roger Allam
Ashley JensenAshley Jensen
Sara Steweart
Rosie Cavaliero
James FleetJames Fleet