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Title:Black Death

Date: 2010
Type: Historical drama
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Christopher Smith

During the period of the Black Death in England Sean Bean takes a group of men and young monk Eddie Redmane to a remote village that is untouched by the plague but has the reputation of being in league with the devil and of bringing people back to life. They enter the village led by Tim McInnery and Carice van Houten to find it is as the rumours said it was. This is a mixture of drama as well as bloody violence and is not one for the squeamish as there is graphic violence.


Sean Bean Sean Bean
Eddie Redmayne Eddie Redmayne
Tim Mcinnery Tim McInnery
Kimberley Nixon Kimberley Nixon
Carice van Houten Carice van Houten
Marianne Graffam
David Warner David Warner



Black Death