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Title: Ben Hur

Date: 1959
Type: Drama
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Yes
Director: William Wyler
Producer: Sam Zimbalist

The classic Roman epic of Charlton Heston as the man sent into slavery by his friend, and who then vows to get his revenge. The chariot race at the centre of film has become a piece of cinema history. Remember this film was made in 1959 and all the scenes are "live" and are not computer generated. The charoiot race is run with real people and horses. At the time it was the most expensive film to have been produced and was filmed on the biggest sets ever produced. It was also the film that saved MGM from financial bankruptcy. .


Charlton HestonCharlton Heston
Hugh GriffithHugh Griffith
Sam JaffeSam Jaffe
Cathy O'DonnellCathy O'Donnell


Won - Best Picture
Won - Best Actor - Charlton Heston
Won - Best Supporting Actor - Hugh Griffith
Won - Best Director - William Wyler
Won - 7 other Oscars