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Title: Anna Christie

Date: 1930
Type: Drama
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Clarence Brown

The daughter of the captain of a boat returns to him for the first time having been sent away to relatives when she was young. She starts to build a relationship with her father and a sailor they rescue from the sea, but she has a dark past that could spoil her relationships. This was the first talking film with Greta Garbo and for which she was nominated for an Oscar. The highlight being her passion in the reveal scene towards the end of the film. There is good support from Marie Dressler even though she only appears in the first half of the film, particularly the first scene with Greta Garbo as they size each other up. The film is based on a play, and so much of the action takes place in a static environment, but it does mean that you are engaged by the performances of the actors.


Greta GarboGreta Garbo
Charles Bickford
George F Marion
Marie DresslerMarie Dressler
James T Mack
Lee Phelps



  Anna Christie