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Title: 101 Dalmations

Date: 1996
Type: Comedy / Children
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Stephen Herek
Producer: John Hughes

A couple (Jeff Daniels and Joely Richardson) meet via their dogs, and after they marry the dogs have puppies. However her boss (Glenn Close) arranges to steal the dogs to turn them into fur coats, but the animals fight back to save the puppies.
Live action version of the book by Dodie Smith. Entertaining and fun with good performances from Joley Richardson, Hugh Laurie and especially Glen Close as the larger than life Cruella De Vil.


Glenn CloseGlenn Close
Jeff DanielsJeff Daniels
Joely RichardsonJoely Richardson
Joan PlowrightJoan Plowright
Hugh LaurieHugh Laurie
Tim McinneryTim McInnery
John ShrapnelJohn Shrapnel



Dodie Smith
101 Dalmations