Film Fan Site

This web site is a personal view of the films that I have seen and the people who have acted in them or produced, directed the films or otherwise contributed to them.

This site is a reflection of my interest in films and is an on going project, so new information keeps being added as I watch more films. I have a particular interest in in early sound and pre-code films. The selection is quite wide from early silent films to pre-code romance to bad 1950s sci-fi to comtemporary films. As at July 2024 there were 6937 films on the site.
The opinions expressed on this site are the personal ones of the author and therefore you may agree or disagree with them depending on your own views as films made over a period of over 100 years will appeal to all sorts of audiences. Some have stood the test of time and some have not. The film rating is basec on comparable films from the same era as it is not possible to campare a 1910s silent short live action film with a 2020s CGI produced film. They are just different.

Films, actors and actresses are listed alphabetically.

Films and Oscar winners are listed by date

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