Orson Welles
Name : Orson Welles
Birth : 1915 
Died : 1985 
Nationality : American
Orson Welles
Orson Welles was an actor, director and producer who changed the way films were made in the 1940's. He moved to Europe in 1948 wherre he continued to make films as well as working in theatre, radio and television and continued to be innovative especially in his TV work. Citizen Kane is consistently ranked as one of the best films of all times.
Other Side Of The Wind (1972)
Chimes at Midnight (1965)
The Trial (1963)
Touch of Evil (1958)
Othello (1952)
Macbeth (1948)
Citizen Cane (1941)


Journey Into Fear (1943) - Uncredited
Citizen Cane (1941)


Won - Best Screenplay - Citizen Cane
Nomination - Best Actor - Citizen Cane
Nomination - Best Director - Citizen Cane