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Edward Dmytryk

Birth name: Edward Dmytryk
Birth: 4 September 1908
Died: 1 July 1999
Nationality: American
Career / Biography
Edward Dmytryk was a director from the 1930's through to the 1970's. He could not work in AMerica in the late 1940's as he was charged by the HOuse UnAmerican Committee, but he did return to Hollywood in the 1950's. During his career he directed over 50 films. He directed a number of films at RKO. He directed a number of films in the film noir style starting with Farewell My Lovely. In these films he developed the use of voice overs and black and white lighting as well as having more realistic hero's that had flaws.
Raintree County (1957)
Mountain (1956)
Crossfire (1947)
Cornered (1945)
Farewell My Lovely (1944)
Captive Wild Woman (1943)
The Falcon Strikes Back (1943)
Tender Comrade (1943)
The Devil Commands (1941)

Nomination - Best Director - Crossfire (1947)