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Title: Zombie High

Date: 1987
Type: Horror
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Ron Link
Producer: Aziz Ghazal and Marc Toberoff

A girl (Virginia Madsen) joins two other girls (Sherilyn Fenn) at what was previously an exclusive boys school. However she soon starts to suspect that something suspicious is going on, with the staff doing strange things to the students in the infirmary. This has the feel of a typical 1980's teen movie with a plot taken from various places, even though it is not really a traditional zombie film. This is not a classic, though Virginia Madsen gives the best performance.


Virginia MadsenVirginia Madsen
Richard Cox
James Wilder
Sherilyn FennSherilyn Fenn
Paul Feig
T Scott Coffey
Paul Williams
Henry Sutton
Kay E Kuter



  Zombie High