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Title: Young And Innocent

Date: 1937
Type: Crime drama
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Alfred Hitchcock

An innocent man is wrongly accused of murdering a woman on a beach and is helped to prove his innocence by the daughter of the chief constable. The plot of innocent man being helped by beautiful woman to prove his innocence is not orriginal but this version is well produced by Alfred Hitchcock. The best performance is from Nova Pilbeam as the woman drawn into helping an acused murderer, but it is the camera work and direction that makes the film. This is one of Alfred Hitchcock's pre-war British films.


Nova PilbeamNova Pilbeam
Derrick De Marney
Percy Mamont
Edward Rigby
Mary ClareMary Clare
John Longden
George Curzon
Basil Radford
Pamela Carme
George Merritt