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Title: Village Of The Damned

Date: 1995
Type: Sci-Fi
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Yes
Director: John Carpenter

A small American town is visited by an alien life form and 9 months later several of the women in the town give birth to children and it soon becomes apparent that the are different and have a sinister plan in mind. This is a disappointing remake of the 1960 b/w film which is unusual for a John Carpenter film. The performances from Christopher Reeve and Kirstie Alley are very flat and uninspiring. Based on the book The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham


Christopher ReeveChristopher Reeve
Kirsty AlleyKirstie Alley
Linda KozlowskiLinda Kozlowski
Mark HamillMark Hamill
Michael PareMichael Pare
Lindsey HaunLindsey Haun



John Wyndham - The Midwich Cuckoos
Village Of The Damned